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Our Sherborn realtors are ready to help you buy your dream home or sell your current one. Sherborn, MA, had a humble but essential start as a farming community. As a small rural community, Sherborn takes up a little over 16 square miles of land with a little over 4,400 residents as of 2020. Being only 18 miles outside of Boston has made it a popular town for those that commute to the city for work, entertainment, and more. As one of the most popular areas in and around Boston to own a home, Sherborn has been attracting young professionals, families, and more to enjoy a rural lifestyle. As a result, the real estate market in the area is desirable for both buyers and sellers. 

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Real Estate in Sherborn, MA

Achieving a rural feel while still being in close proximity to a major city like Boston is a real feat and helps make Sherborn, MA, an attractive area for real estate. Being able to experience a small-town community is a big draw for those used to life at a slower pace or looking to get out of more urban areas. The real estate in this region can check all of your boxes. It’s currently rated one of the best areas to buy a home in the Boston area. Speaking with Sherborn, MA real estate agents can be a great way to start your search for Sherborn, MA homes for sale.

Buying a Home in Sherborn, MA

You’ve discovered a quaint little area to move to and have started exploring all of the Sherborn, MA homes for sale. It can be a very exciting but equally stressful process of going through all the different listings, trying to find that perfect place to call home in your budget. Take some of the burdens of the home-buying process off your shoulder by seeing what Sherborn, MA real estate agents can help you with during your quest to buy a home. While DIY travel planning and home repairs are all the rage, it can really pay to pair up with an experienced real estate agent rather than trying to go it alone. Real estate agents understand the market and can help you to find the perfect listings to view and assist you in crafting a perfect offer.

Client testimonial

Dan was absolutely great to work with when we bought our home. He carefully listened to our needs and helped us navigate through this process. On top of the usual logistics, my wife and I were in different cities throughout the buying process and he expertly handled all the moving parts. We were traveling and largely unavailable during negotiations after we placed an offer. He expertly was able to completely advocate for us and negotiate better than if we were in the next room. Once our offer was accepted, he patiently guided us through the entire process. On top of his obvious acumen and work ethic, he is a true pleasure to be around. I would unequivocally recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy!

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Selling a Home in Sherborn, MA

Owning a home in Sherborn means that you can take advantage of a property in an area that’s becoming very desirable. It may be time to sell your home and move to better fit your current situation. While buying a home can be stressful, so can selling your home. Even when it’s a seller’s market, there are always things that can come up to make the sale process less than ideal. That’s where Sherborn, MA real estate agents can come into play. You’ll be able to see the big picture of the different Sherborn, MA homes for sale currently and how your home compares when it comes to attracting buyers. Your real estate agent can help you review your home to determine what steps need to be taken to make your home as attractive to buyers as possible to start getting top-dollar offers. 

Living in Sherborn, MA

A rural bedroom community that’s perfect for commuting makes living in Sherborn ideal for families, seniors, singles, and more. There are a vast number of things that make Sherborn an attractive place to settle down no matter where you happen to be in life. The schools are outstanding. There are things around town to do in addition to enjoying the rural vibes. Plus, there are plenty of amenities that help out members of the community.


As Sherborn is a smaller town, the public school system is shared with Dover, MA. These shared schools all earn top marks and are excellent places for families that live in the area to send their children to school. There is an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school, all in the public school system. In addition, there are two preschools and some private school options, such as Montrose School and St. Sebastian’s School.

Things to Do

As Sherborn is a laid-back rural area, there’s not as much hustle and bustle around, but there are still some great activities for those that want to stay close to home. Explore the outdoors at Rocky Narrows. Enjoy some of the farms in the area, such as Sherborn Lavender, Kidstopia Blueberry Farm, Sweet Meadow Farm, and Sunshine Farm.


As a small town, Sherborn doesn’t have as many local amenities as neighboring areas, but they are a short commute away. Sherborn does offer a full-time police department, a highly-trained volunteer crew for the fire department and rescue squad, and a highway department. While small, the town does have three churches. In addition, Sherborn has a public library for the community to enjoy.

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