Top 6 Neighborhoods in Needham, MA

Best Places to Live in Needham, MA
Best Places to Live in Needham, MA

Best Places to Live in Needham, MA

You've researched what living in Needham, MA is like and have decided that it's the place for you. The question then becomes, "Where should I live in Needham?" Some great neighborhoods comprise Needham, and each has a lot to offer over the others. Our real estate agents in Needham, MA can help.

Here is the breakdown of some of the different Needham neighborhoods and what may attract you to each.

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    Neighborhoods in Needham, MA

    1. Charles River Village

    A bedroom community in Needham, Charles River Village started as farmland in its past but has grown far beyond its humble beginnings. It has a lot to offer as one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Massachusetts. This area is considered more suburban and features a diverse real estate market with older architecturally interesting homes mostly built between the 1940s and 1969. The homes in this area tend to be significant. Single-family homes are typically medium to large sizes featuring three or more bedrooms and small apartment buildings. There are fewer rental properties as most of the houses in the area are owner-occupied. It’s a hot real estate market with a low vacancy rate.

    Charles River Village demographics feature a large population of college-educated adults, with many having at least a bachelor’s degree. Most are employed in management, executive, and professional occupations, while there are also those in sales, service, and other professions. As education is essential, the schools throughout Needham’s neighborhoods are some of the best around, with both public and private options. One of the most crucial amenities for many residents is the easy commute to work. While most residents choose to go to work in their personal cars, a decent percentage take advantage of the train to commute to work without the hassle of being stuck in traffic.

    2. Needham Heights

    Needham Heights is one of the more affordable neighborhoods in Needham, but it’s still considered one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the state. As a result, the real estate market in Needham Heights is filled with large homes similar to some of the other neighborhoods on this list. However, the vacancy rate is a bit higher, so there are plenty of real estate opportunities for someone looking to make a move to the area when it comes to the availability of homes and apartments.

    The number of individuals that have earned a Master’s degree or other graduate degrees is higher in Needham Heights compared to most other neighborhoods. The residents tend to work as executives, managers, assistants, tech support, sales, and similar occupations. This area of Needham is the perfect area for seniors and those getting ready to retire. It’s considered one of the most retirement-friendly areas in the region compared to others. It’s safe and peaceful and offers a diverse community of active residents. Most of the factors that make it great for seniors also make it a wonderful place to settle for families, recent college graduates, and others. For those still working, Needham Heights is one of the areas that have a higher percentage of residents that commute to work using the local train.

    3. Bird’s Hill

    A very in-demand region of Needham, Bird’s Hill is one of the more expensive areas to live in the city. The majority of the residents in this area live in owner-occupied homes with very few rental options. For those looking to rent, it may be harder to find a rental property, with the average monthly rental price being about $6,915. As an older neighborhood, there are plenty of large homes featuring three or more bedrooms. These larger homes add character and charm to the luxurious area. You can’t go wrong when looking for a stately home to call your own.

    One term that can be used to describe the community of Bird’s Hill is urban sophisticates. If you’re looking for a wealthy neighborhood with worldly tastes that match your own, it’s hard to beat Bird’s Hill. Many of the residents in this area tend to be married couples, and it can be a great place if you’re looking to connect with other couples in your area so that singles may feel outnumbered here. Executives, managers, and other high-powered careers tend to live in this area—many of whom call this area home commute to different places for work using the local train.

    4. Needham North

    One thing that all of Needham’s neighborhoods have in common is that they are full of influential and affluent residents. Needham North is a lovely suburban area with plenty of stately single-family homes and townhomes. Most of these homes qualify as medium and large, with plenty of room to spread out for families with three or more bedrooms. As this area is in demand, fewer real estate properties are available. It’s often best when you’re looking to move to this area to stay on top of the current listings to ensure that you don’t miss out on a spectacular home that fits your needs. The high demand means that often these homes don’t last long on the market.

    Needham North is another region with a well-established married community, with a much more significant percentage of married couples calling this area of Needham home than much of the rest of the country. Those in this area tend to be able to recover more quickly from economic downturns, and the community reflects that situation. The residents tend to work in high-powered executive, management, and similar positions. In this area, many of the residents use their personal vehicles for their commute. Still, compared to other sites, many individuals commute to work in this area either by carpooling or utilizing the local train.

    5. Needham Junction

    Needham Junction has some of the most diverse real estate options in the Needham area. While there are plenty of more extensive and older homes that the site is known for, there are also high-rise apartment buildings and apartment complexes to offer more variety for those looking for less permanent options than home ownership in the area. That being said, residential real estate tends to be occupied by the owners rather than renters. Even with the great variety of homes, this real estate market is in high demand, and housing is more challenging to come by than in similar areas. The well-maintained properties that make up this area tend to stay on the market for a short time before they are snatched up by buyers interested in them. In addition to being a hot commodity, these homes tend to keep their value as the years pass.

    The community of Needham Junction tends to be highly educated, with many having a Master’s Degree and beyond. College students also favor this area to live during their studies. Thanks to the apartment options, the walkability of the neighborhood, and safe streets, it’s an ideal place for them to live. All the things that make it attractive to college students also help to attract seniors, married couples with families, and high-powered career-minded individuals. Thanks to the walkability of the area, a decent percentage of individuals walk to work while most commute using their own personal vehicles or hop on the local train line to get where they’re going.

    Needham Center in Needham, MA

    6. Needham Town Center

    Located centrally in Needham, Needham Town Center is considered more of an urban portion of the city based on the density of the population rather than a suburb. Like most of the area, it’s an expensive area with higher than average rental costs and real estate prices, but it has a lot to offer in exchange. Needham Town Center has a mix of single-family homes, apartment complexes, and high-rise apartments. Like many other areas of Needham, this area is pretty popular, and it can be hard to locate houses and apartments when you’re on the hunt as the current vacancy rate tends to run low. Most of the residential properties are owner-occupied rather than rentals.

    Being in the center of town, it tends to attract those who enjoy a city lifestyle while taking advantage of the tight-knit community feel it offers. Those that want the finer things in life will find themselves at home here. Most of those living in the area have higher education degrees compared to the rest of the county. As the center of town, Needham Town Center is another walkable city that is great for those that enjoy taking advantage of the local eateries and businesses. However, most residents tend to travel by their personal car or take the train for their commute when going beyond the city center.

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    When you’re looking for the best place to live in Needham, these neighborhoods are great places to start. They each have something unique to offer to potential residents. But are you stuck trying to decide between the different Needham neighborhoods? That’s where the Gorfinkle Group can help. Our experienced real estate agents are familiar with the area and will assist you in finding the home that screams dream home to you based on what you’re looking for regarding neighborhood expectations and your home wish list.

    Contact us today to learn more about our current listings in the best neighborhoods in Needham.

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