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When a city can boast about being the second-oldest settlement in the state, you know that there’s something special about the area. The first colony settled in the area failed, but you wouldn’t know that looking at the region today. A robust shoe industry helped make the city what it is today. While the shoe factory no longer produces shoes, it has been repurposed into a medical office to continue serving the community. Weymouth, MA, is the perfect mix of the suburbs while still being close to an urban area.

Weymouth, MA Real Estate
Town Hall in Weymouth, MA

Four areas or districts make up Weymouth that the locals use to destinate which part of the bustling city they live in: East Weymouth, North Weymouth, South Weymouth, and Weymouth Landing. It’s also one of the most affordable areas around Boston. So it’s not hard to see why young professionals, families, retirees, and more are attracted to this vibrant historical city on the ocean.

Real Estate in Weymouth, MA

As a very competitively priced suburb of Boston, Weymouth, MA, is an excellent real estate opportunity. Buyers love becoming part of this community, while sellers enjoy the value that comes from being in a great real estate market. You should check out Weymouth, MA homes for sale to get an idea of all the excellent properties available. Remember that in such a hot and competitive market as Weymouth, listings can often go quickly. Weymouth, MA real estate agents are more than happy to help you find the perfect house at your price point or get the most out of your sale. 


Tiffany C.

West Roxbury

My experience with Dan includes the purchase of a condo many years ago, the purchase of a single-family home, and recently, the sale of the aforementioned home. Over the years that my husband and I have known Dan, he has gained experience and confidence that have been beneficial to my husband and I as novice property owners. If I were to highlight one of Dan's strengths, it would be his ability to keep his clients on task.

Throughout the process, he would check in on us to ensure that anything that was supposed to get done is done. Another strength we appreciate is his consideration of our time and trying to keep inconveniences to us at a minimum. I would also like to mention how helpful Dan's associate, Kristin, is as she and Dan have assisted with a lingering issue with the property even after closing. Many thanks to them.

Buying a Home in Weymouth, MA

Buying a home anywhere in the country for the first time can feel overwhelming. Even home buyers who are upgrading to a new home can feel stressed out by the process. Looking at all of the Weymouth, MA homes for sale, it can be hard to filter out which ones are right for you based on the information provided. Speaking with insightful Weymouth, MA real estate agents can be a great way to narrow down which homes will be the perfect choice for your particular needs. Being able to focus on the homes that will offer the most value to you will save you time. As homes are selling quickly in this area, you don’t want to waste time looking around only to find that your dream home sold right before you found it.

Selling a Home in Weymouth, MA

As buyers are clamoring for homes in Weymouth, it’s never been a better time to sell your home. Whether you’re looking to downsize, upsize, or move out of state, seeking help from Weymouth, MA real estate agents can help you maximize your home’s value while getting attention from the right buyers you want to attract. Once you add your home to the list of Weymouth, MA homes for sale, you’ll see the benefits of having an experienced real estate professional help you in guiding you towards the best way to sell your home.

Living in Weymouth, MA

Above-average schools, plenty of places in town to eat, drink, and shop, and some great public amenities make wanting to live in Weymouth very desirable. There are plenty of reasons why Weymouth, MA, should be on the top of your list for potential places to settle. 

Schools in Weymouth

When you have an above-average public school system, you know the city is doing something right when it comes to educating the next generation. The public school system is the Northfolk County district, but in addition, Weymouth has several options for private schools for parents with a preference. Examples include St. Francis Xavier, South Shore Christian Academy, and Sacred Heart Elementary School. In total, there are 24 different public and private schools. There are two high schools, eight middle schools, and 14 elementary schools. 

Things to Do in Weymouth

Residents and visitors to Weymouth have plenty to keep them busy. There are breweries, parks, spas, historical sites, and more. A fun fact is that 43 recreational areas, parks, playgrounds, and outdoor sites exist in and around Weymouth. Some of the most popular spots include Osprey Overlook Park, Webb Memorial State Park, and Great Hill Park. It’s also home to the New England Free Jacks professional rugby team for those wanting to enjoy a sporting event close to home where they might encounter Woodgy, the team’s blue mascot ready for action. 

Amenities in Weymouth

Weymouth offers plenty of shops, restaurants, and more for those who prefer to work in these areas close to home or don’t feel like traveling far to pick up necessities. Some big companies call this area home, such as Lionbridge Technologies, South Shore Hospital, and Arc of the South Shore. While there are plenty of places to work in Weymouth, some residents have to commute to work. Weymouth offers bus lines and commuter rails to help those who prefer to let someone else handle the driving.

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